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Why use Podstacks?

We understand that podcast creators have different needs than other types of content creators. That's why our focus is on podcasters only. Here are just a few reasons why Podstacks should be a part of your podcasting toolkit.

SEO is still king.

Podcasts and audio are a wonderful thing, but what's the point if your audience can't find you? We make the complicated process of transcribing and converting your podcast episodes to blog posts as easy as possible to ensure your content gets seen.

Forget Fiverr.

No more back and forth communication with gig workers/freelancers in different time zones. We've been there, and it's a huge hassle. Our services are online when you are to give you results in minutes, not hours.

1/2 the cost. 10x as fast.

Our automated transcription services are powered by the latest AI (artificial intelligence) technologies, which means that you get to spend more time creating your podcast and less time and money managing and promoting it.

MAXIMIZE your reach

You've already done all hard work of planning, recording, editing, and publishing your content in audio format. So why do it all over again just to re-publish your content in text? Our podcasting tools and services are designed to reach your particular audience more effectively, without the extra work.

We scale with your podcast

It doesn't matter if you've published 1,000 episodes or 10, our plans scale with your podcasts needs and budget.

Getting seen is hard.

Over 29 MILLION podcast episodes exist on the Internet today. This means publishing in multiple formats is critical if you want to be discovered online. We transform your podcast episodes into rich media transcripts for your website, blog, or social media.


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